OpenTag Board


Open source Arduino-compatible motion tags:

» 3D Accelerometer
» 3D Magnetometer
» 3D Gyroscope
» Pressure
» Temperature

3×5 cm
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Product Description

OpenTag is an Arduino-compatible open-source inertial measurement unit (IMU). OpenTag comes pre-loaded with software for recording high speed motion sensor data to a microSD memory card.

The OpenTag software is open source, so you can take advantage of other features of the OpenTag board, such as external analog inputs and digital outputs to control other devices.


(A) 3D Accelerometer: Digital accelerometer for motion and tilt sensing
(M) 3D Magnetometer: Measures magnetic field strength for compass orientation
(G) 3D Gyroscope: Measures rotational velocity. Use with accelerometer and magnetometer for accurate measurement of 3D motion.
(P) Pressure: 0.5 cm depth resolution to 300 m.
(Pa) Altimeter: 10 cm resolution
(T) Temperature: On pressure sensor. Range: -40 to 85 C.
Resolution 0.015 C. Accuracy: ~0.5 C between 10-40C.


External Inputs: Three Analog channels and I2C interface.

Outputs: Digitally switched battery to external source, such as burn wire .

Removable, microSD card: Up to 32 GB

Real-Time Clock

Low Power, 3V operation, 12 mA


  • OpenTag Setup: OpenTag Configuration Software and OpenTag DSG2CSV to convert .dsg files to text files.
  • OpenTag Manual
  • ot_AHRS: MATLAB Code: For opening and plotting OpenTag .dsg files and calculating Euler angles (pitch, roll, yaw)

Arduino Libraries

Schematics and Technical Specification Sheets